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General Disclaimer

On this website you can get general information about City services and submit information to relevant City agencies.

Businesses operating in New York City must comply with all federal, state, and City laws and rules. Businesses are responsible for knowing and complying with current regulations. This site does not provide comprehensive information regarding all regulations that may affect a business. To find additional regulatory information for your business, please use these links to search for New York City, State, and Federal information. Failure to comply with all applicable laws and rules may result in fines, the suspension or revocation of licenses, or other penalties provided by law. If you fail to provide accurate information on your application or to pay all outstanding fines, the City may not issue a license or permit to you, and you may be subject to additional fines. If the City issues a license or permit to you and you provided false or incorrect information, the City may rescind, revoke, or suspend your license or permit, and you may be subject to fines.

By checking the box, you affirm that you will share true and accurate information with the City of New York.




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